In 1920 Josef Neuhierl from Fürth in Franconia started manufacturing toys made of tin. 1963 In 1963 Neuhierl’s son Hermann introduced the "Carrera Universal" which was the very first electrically powered Carrera car racing track made to a 1:32 scale. It was immediately a great success. In 1967 the "Carrera 124" was introduced to the market. This was a new system with a larger size of car.

1970s and 1980s Carrera racing tracks were developed further throughout the 70s and 80s, and many classic and modern cars were added to the range. In 1985 the firm’s huge success was overshadowed by the tragic death of Dr Hermann Neuhierl.

1990s Following internal restructuring in the late 1990s, the Stadlbauer Group from Salzburg (which had been responsible for distributing Carrera in Austria since the early 1970s) took over the family company in 1999. With its unique combination of tradition with innovative products and use of high-tech, Carrera was set to embark on yet another road to success, with steady growth at home and abroad.

The "Carrera 124" line was relaunched as a premium product range Carrera Exclusiv. For beginners and the young, an action track was developed in 2001 called Carrera GO!!!, ready to withstand the toughest demands for quality in a 1:43 scale.

The traditional 1:32 vehicle scale, Carrera Evolution, was also further improved and enhanced. But, to top it all, it was the digital racetrack sector that Carrera revolutionised. Today Generations of fathers and sons still enjoy high pressure competition and exciting drifts. Countless product innovations and new developments ensure that every Carrera race will be a memorable occasion. THE STADLBAUER GROUP

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