We offer Slot Cars in the following scales:

  • 1:24 SCALE
  • 1:32 SCALE
  • 1:43 SCALE

slot cars

Come in and see our great selction of commercial 1/24 scale slot car racing down to carrera 1/43 scale home racing sets and cars.

1/24 scale slot cars are the same scale of Revell, amt tamiya plastic models, with 1/24 scale hard body slot car chassis in stock, you can build your plastic revell model, mount on a slot car chassis and come race on our big tracks.

1/32 scale Carrera D132 sets and cars in stock for you real race fans that want to set up and do some racing at home.

1/43 scale Carrera GO!! analog sets in stock with many track extentions, accesories and extra cars in stock for your smaller scale home racing!!!

We will also design and build custom D132 tracks for the serious racer!

We carry Carrera D132 and Carrera GO!! set's and extra track, accesroies, and cars in stock.

Our selection of commercial slot cars and parts is huge, from 1/24 4" flexi style chassis, 4.5" flexi style chassis for lexan body's, F1 style cars, H&R hardbody chassis, rtr cars and kits. Great slection of parts and bodies to choose from. RTR packages for the beginner which includes car, controller, tools and carrying case.

Intsock commercial racing equipment includes, H&R Racing Products, Parma, JK products, RacerTech, Koford, Slick7, RacePace pre painted bodis and JK products clear bodies.

We have a large selection of 1:32 and 1:43 Scale Slot Car Racing Sets as well as Slot Cars and Accessories to get you started

We offer a wide selection of 1:24 scale Slot Cars for racing on our Commercial Tracks

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